CCTV Drainage Surveys: A Full Guide

If you’ve experienced issues with your drainage system, you already know how frustrating it can be, especially when the initial cause is unclear. If traditional methods of troubleshooting fail to solve the problem, CCTV drainage surveys are an incredibly helpful diagnostic tool to get to the route of the issue.

In this article, we’ll give you a full overview of CCTV surveys, including how they work, what they’re used for, and more…

What is a CCTV Drainage Survey?

A CCTV drainage survey is a method of remotely examining the condition of your drainage system. This is done by using a camera system that records video footage and captures other useful data. CCTV drainage surveys have become an essential tool for inspecting and surveying underground drains, sewers, culverts, and associated drainage assets safely, quickly, and cost-effectively.

A blocked drain being assessed with a CCTV survey.

At Libra Utility Services, we use advanced technology to accurately assess and diagnose any issues with your drainage system. Our drain inspection and CCTV services are essential for maintaining the efficiency and functionality of your system.

How do CCTV Drainage Surveys Work?

CCTV surveys utilise high-tech cameras that can detect damaged pipes, blockages, leaks, and pipe collapse. The steps involved in a CCTV survey:

  • 1

    Specialist engineers insert the CCTV camera into the drain and examine the live footage sent to a screen.

  • 2

    Based on the visual data, the engineers provide instant feedback and recommendations on the next steps directly on-site.

  • 3

    We will share the full drain survey report, along with the recorded video of the drain system, with you. The report includes an overview of the survey job. This includes how long it took, the length of the drainage surveyed, and initial findings. It also includes a full list of recommendations based on the findings, a map of the drains, and a survey sheet.

A CCTV survey can quickly and effectively identify whether your pipes are blocked, damaged or completely collapsed, allowing for prompt repair.

What Do We Use CCTV Drainage Surveys For?

  • Remote Access – By using CCTV drainage surveys, we can safely gather data without operatives having to carry out potentially hazardous confined space entries.

  • Investigate Blockages – The most common reason for a CCTV drainage survey is to search for and find the cause of pipe blockages, poor flow rates and pollution incidents, then assess the best way to clear them. Recording before and after footage can provide evidence that the operator has cleared the pipe and that it is in good condition.

  • Maintenance – Regularly inspecting your drainage system is essential to maintain its efficiency and functionality. Regular maintenance also prevents costly repairs and disruptions. CCTV surveys can effectively identify any potential problems before they become major issues. This saves you time and money later down the line.

  • Support Planned Preventative Maintenance Programmes (PPM) – CCTV surveys also allow asset owners to manage costs and avoid highly-damaging drain and pipe failures.

  • Full Overview Inspection – CCTV drainage surveys allow the gathering of a range of data. We can use this data to plan urgent pipe repairs or rehabilitation. This includes:

    • A map of the drainage system, showing all main lines and lateral connections. It also shows key assets such as manholes and surface water drains.
    • Lengths of pipes.
    • Flow directions and flow rates along pipes.
    • Pipe falls – this is a measurement of the gradient along the pipe.
    • Locations of pipe defects, supported by HD-quality video.

How Long Does a CCTV Survey Take?

The duration of a CCTV drain survey depends on the length and diameter of the drains. A professional can complete a survey of a small system within as little as two hours. For a larger system, understandably, the time it takes to complete increases.

Different Types of CCTV Surveys

Below outlines two different types of CCTV drainage surveys and how they work:

Robotic Crawler CCTV Cameras

Robotic crawler CCTV cameras are suitable for surveying pipes with diameters ranging from 150mm up to 2000mm. The cameras have powerful LED lights that allow an operator, who controls the camera from a console in a specialist CCTV survey van, to record HD-quality video footage. The camera system has interchangeable wheels, making it suitable for a range of pipe conditions. The equipment also includes articulating arms, a swivelling and rotating camera head, and a zoom lens. The zoom lens enables operators to view and film the pipes from various angles and distances.

Push CCTV Drainage Cameras

We use push CCTV drainage cameras for pipes with smaller diameters that prevent the use of robotic crawler cameras due to bends in the pipe. The cameras can also be used for vertical pipes, such as soil stacks. Mini cameras and supporting LED lights are located on the end of a flexible rod, which is stored on a small portable reel. An operator can guide the flexible rod into and along the drain or sewer.

Find Out More About Our CCTV Drainage Surveys

At Libra Utility Services, we provide efficient and reliable CCTV Drainage Survey services to help our customers understand the condition of their drainage systems and plan for any necessary repairs or replacements. To book your next CCTV Drainage Survey, get in touch with our team today by calling 01634 562 222.

CCTV Drainage Survey

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