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Tankering Extra Works Services

At Libra Utility Services, we go beyond traditional tankering solutions with our specialised Extra Work Services. These include Line Cleaning & Surveying, Dry Waste Removal (Disab), Road Sweeping, and Unique Waste Removal (Fire, Water, Leachate, ADR). These services are meticulously designed to meet your unique challenges and demands. 


Whether it’s ensuring the integrity of drainage systems, efficient removal of various waste types, or handling exceptional cases like fire and water damage, our team is equipped to deliver expert solutions.

What We Cover

line cleaning & Surveying

Dry Waste Removal (Disab)

Unique Waste Removal

Line Cleaning & Surveying

We take pride in our advanced capabilities to perform line cleaning and level surveys on existing drainage networks, utilising cutting-edge CCTV units. Our skilled technicians employ these innovative technologies to conduct comprehensive inspections, ensuring the integrity and functionality of your drainage system.

Through our precise line cleaning techniques, we remove stubborn blockages, sediment buildup, and debris, guaranteeing optimal flow and preventing potential issues. Simultaneously, our level surveys provide invaluable insights into the drainage network’s condition, allowing us to identify areas of concern or potential vulnerabilities.

Dry Waste Removal (Disab)

Our DISAB Vacuum Tankers, designed for versatile applications across various industries, excel in the suction, discharge, and transportation of dry materials. With unparalleled suction power, the DISAB is instrumental in removing materials from hoppers, pits, silos, tanks, vessels, or loose on the ground. Equipped with a telescopic boom, our DISAB Vacuum Tankers provide access to remove both liquid and solid materials from any accessible location.

Unique Waste Removal

We offer a truly unique waste removal service tailored to handle diverse challenges, including the removal of fire, water, leachate, and AD waste. Whether it’s the aftermath of a fire, water-related damage, leachate from landfills, or AD (Anaerobic Digestion) waste, we implement customised solutions designed for each unique situation. We ensure safety, environmental responsibility, and efficient disposal methods, ensuring that these complex waste materials are managed with the utmost care and compliance..

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